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Welcome to

the text messaging solution for your school

the problem
It is very difficult to communicate with large numbers of parents/carers in a timely manner. It is also expensive. And yet there are a whole host of reasons to want to broadcast to groups of people quickly, sometimes very urgent reasons such as not knowing a child's whereabouts.

the solution
This simple and cost-effective solution allows you to send text (sms) messages automatically from any computer to the mobile phones of groups of parents or carers, members of staff or students. In fact the school should even be able to make reasonable revenue from this. You can use this system to send automatic notification in the case of: 

sickness -  to a parent/carer if a child is unwell 
absense -  to a parent/carer if a child is absent from school, persistently truant etc
missing child -  to the parents/carers of the entire school
   to ask if anyone has seen the child.
events and event changes -  event reminders, changes in schedule (e.g. cancellation, bus late) 
staff communication - useful for last minute messaging or to advise of email etc 
exam reminders - for older students ?

main benefits
. traditional school telephone costs can be reduced 
. the subscription service will allow the school to make reasonable revenue 
. a history of messages sent will be kept by the system 
. quick and easy to use
. will allow the school to make administration savings in time as well as money
. reassuring to parents/carers to know they will receive notification
. far more likely to result in the correct message being communicated in a timely manner

but that's not all sms4school offers

The sms4school software now has a fully integrated bulk emailer. This is particularly useful for school letters that disappear in children's bags, only to reappear months later; or get crumpled up and used as footballs in the lunch break. Now the school can send the notes as emails to all the parents/carers with one simple click, and save on the administration and photocopying costs as well.

sms4school is a straightforward simple-to-use tool that will improve communication and reduce costs at the same time. Contact us now to set up a trial.

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